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4 Fitness Styles You Should NOT Skip for a Healthy & Fit Life

Women at all ages should train with weights. Start with body resistance and add weights, stretch bands, ropes. Exercise helps to regulate your estrogen levels by increasing lean muscle mass, which increases metabolism, which then helps to burn more fat and reduce fat mass, especially true for women over 40. The following 4 fitness styles...
September 29, 2023
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Over 40? Is cardio enough?

While cardiovascular exercise is essential for heart health and can be part of a well-rounded fitness routine, it should not be the sole focus for women over 40. Combining cardio with strength training, flexibility exercises, and activities that promote bone health and functional fitness is a more comprehensive approach to overall well-being and healthy aging....
September 18, 2023
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Summer has ended, so have the cocktail infused vacays…

Nothing stops us from reminiscing all the yummy drinks that were carefully chosen to live up to the vacay body we want to sport and not returning back to a burden of shedding all the pounds you gained from the sugary drinks. These cocktail drinks are what you should be asking the bartender to make,...
September 12, 2023
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Nishi’s September Goals

The goal for September is a TRIFECTA REMINDER to SELF Humor Yourself - Give Grace - Take rest/self care Take rest/self care Self-care and pampering yourself routinely are essential for maintaining your overall well-being and quality of life. Here's why they are important: Stress Reduction: Regular self-care and pampering activities help to alleviate stress and...
September 8, 2023
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All day makeup routine for aging mature skin

All day makeup routine for aging mature skin This all day makeup is plant based non toxic and comes with a Love it Guarantee, 30 day no questions asked returns. My makeup stays through workouts, hikes, all day train rides, does not move, does not crease and it looks like skin. I am so much...
August 5, 2023
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TBT – First TedX Talk

June 2022. This TedX talk, my first ever, it was my launch, sharing on the Tedx platform, who I am and what I stand for .. Brave, Confident, and Vivacious. When that TedX moment happened … More than anything, I was happy to share the Launch and Growth framework for Rising Entrepreneurs with everyone present,...
July 27, 2023
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July Goals – Mindful Eating

A well trained chef in a good restaurant will never be a food presentation miser. Giving it the attention it deserves shows that you are giving it love and time Eat well, however enjoy your food with your eyes first before you take the 1st bite. All of our sensory systems — taste, smell, vision,...
July 19, 2023
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VERB Energy at the Mission peak summit

I enjoy my VERB Energy bar at the Mission peak summit, so I can sprint my way down! Verb bars are designed to give you that long-lasting energy (from organic green tea caffeine) I enjoy my VERB Energy bar at the Mission peak summit, so I can sprint my way down! VERB Bars is The...
July 17, 2023
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Super simple ravioli recipe

This super simple ravioli recipe is elevated in flavor and taste by Laura Chenel's marinated goat cheese! These marinated goat cheeses have WON TWO DOZEN AWARDS in the past decade. Learn more on how these are prepared Need a discount on Laura Chenel goat cheese? Subscribe to my membership on Partreon and take advantage of...
July 8, 2023
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The most satisfactory bar when stuck in long meetings at work …

The most satisfactory bar when stuck in long meetings at work … Rise @ work for full performance payback  Rise bars help me focus and show up as my best self in the boardroom. In a room full of hard hitting brainstorming discussions, Rise bar is giving me the focus from its amazing clean ingredients...
July 6, 2023
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