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TBT – First TedX Talk

June 2022. This TedX talk, my first ever, it was my launch, sharing on the Tedx platform, who I am and what I stand for .. Brave, Confident, and Vivacious. When that TedX moment happened … More than anything, I was happy to share the Launch and Growth framework for Rising Entrepreneurs with everyone present,...
July 27, 2023
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July Goals – Mindful Eating

A well trained chef in a good restaurant will never be a food presentation miser. Giving it the attention it deserves shows that you are giving it love and time Eat well, however enjoy your food with your eyes first before you take the 1st bite. All of our sensory systems — taste, smell, vision,...
July 19, 2023
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VERB Energy at the Mission peak summit

I enjoy my VERB Energy bar at the Mission peak summit, so I can sprint my way down! Verb bars are designed to give you that long-lasting energy (from organic green tea caffeine) I enjoy my VERB Energy bar at the Mission peak summit, so I can sprint my way down! VERB Bars is The...
July 17, 2023
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Super simple ravioli recipe

This super simple ravioli recipe is elevated in flavor and taste by Laura Chenel's marinated goat cheese! These marinated goat cheeses have WON TWO DOZEN AWARDS in the past decade. Learn more on how these are prepared Need a discount on Laura Chenel goat cheese? Subscribe to my membership on Partreon and take advantage of...
July 8, 2023
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The most satisfactory bar when stuck in long meetings at work …

The most satisfactory bar when stuck in long meetings at work … Rise @ work for full performance payback  Rise bars help me focus and show up as my best self in the boardroom. In a room full of hard hitting brainstorming discussions, Rise bar is giving me the focus from its amazing clean ingredients...
July 6, 2023
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Perfect Keto 4th of July Sale

Happy (early) 4th of July!  If you’re like me, you’re stoked to spend some summery hours with loved ones this holiday weekend.  But maybe you’re also feeling a twinge of stress: holidays can be a minefield of sugary, carb-laden buffet spreads that make it extra hard to stick to your keto lifestyle. 💡Pro Tip: Plan ahead...
July 3, 2023
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All day makeup routine for aging mature skin

All day, plant based, makeup routine for aging mature skin This all day makeup is plant based non toxic and comes with a Love it Guarantee, 30 day no questions asked returns. My makeup stays through workouts, hikes, all day train rides, does not move, does not crease and it looks like skin. I am...
July 1, 2023
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Plant based skincare routine for mature uneven skin

I have used this plant based non toxic skincare for over a year and I am very glad to share it with you. It comes with a Love IT Guarantee, which means 30 days return policy, no questions asked. The skin on my face goes from dull and dry to hydrated and glowing. I still...
June 30, 2023
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Embrace Menopause

Embrace the Meno 💟 … Ditch the weight gain of Meno … Ditch the sugar cravings of Meno … If you are in your peri, menopause, or post phases, you know when you know, this bar is for you! The average age of menopause in the United States is approximately 51 years old. However, the...
June 14, 2023
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Beach vacation, here I come!

When on a vacation, I will buy and eat local and SMALL, as much as possible, because as a small business myself, I know what it takes to set one up and keep it running. So, what I take on vacation is always something that I purchased from a small business, preferably even handmade! For...
June 5, 2023
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