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Over 40? Is cardio enough?

While cardiovascular exercise is essential for heart health and can be part of a well-rounded fitness routine, it should not be the sole focus for women over 40. Combining cardio with strength training, flexibility exercises, and activities that promote bone health and functional fitness is a more comprehensive approach to overall well-being and healthy aging....
September 18, 2023
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My protein bar of choice for a 15 mile hike

Rise bars are lasting sources of energy With only 3 ingredients that are naturally digestible and absorbed by the blood, this protein bar does not cause stomach issues Why? Almonds The foundation of every Rise Bar is a delicious nut butter taste and texture. We love almonds due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids,...
August 14, 2023
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Embrace Menopause

Embrace the Meno 💟 … Ditch the weight gain of Meno … Ditch the sugar cravings of Meno … If you are in your peri, menopause, or post phases, you know when you know, this bar is for you! The average age of menopause in the United States is approximately 51 years old. However, the...
June 14, 2023
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I’m in the 1 million meters club with Hydrow

With great accomplishments come great responsibilities. With 1 Million Meters rowed on the Hydrow, I am kicked to row to my next MILLION Teaming with Laine and Nick, this 45min Intense Climb HIIT workout is what I needed after a long day selling my F3fuel snacks at the local farmers market. It added so much...
May 11, 2023
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Simplest ingredient protein bar for kids and adults

Rise bars are simple 5 or less ingredient protein bars.  They are Soy Free, Non GMO, No Sugar Alcohols, Kosher, Grain Free, No Artifical Sweetners included. At Rise Bar, they focus on making the simplest protein bar with only clean, real ingredients to help fuel your workout, adventure, or everyday lifestyle. Rise Bar Founder and...
March 3, 2023
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Chocolate for the Fitness Fanatics

Clean chocolate that fits your fitness regime HU kitchen philosophy is replacing weird, industrial ingredients with simple, healthier ones that are the key to thriving, not just surviving. Living a healthy lifestyle constitutes good food, healthy habits, and a sustainable exercise regime. Say YES to chocolate! Start eating good food, as part of your mission...
February 25, 2023
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Mindful Exercise!

I have rowed on my Hydrow since early 2022 and I won't stop! I love my Hydrow and here's why... For every 25 days, you work out with Hydrow, a donation is made to our partners at Water.org, granting access to safe water and sanitation for people facing water scarcity. This means that each time...
February 3, 2023
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Move To Stay Fit

Trouble staying fit? Trouble with mood swings? Dancing helps with both! I’ve danced professionally for a couple of decades. These days I casual dance. I dance like nobody is watching. I love to move, dance to be precise! Start the music and you cannot miss my moves. Health Benefits of Dancing Boost Memory: Retirees have...
January 20, 2023
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We are rebranding!

Today is the soft launch of "Mindfully nishib.club" We are thrilled to present our services, partnerships, and our F3fuel products to you in a mindful approach. What does Mindfully nishib.club aka Mindfully Food Fitness Fashion mean? Being mindful, means putting you, your physicality before your brain in a very focused, conscious effort. Did you know...
December 11, 2022
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Power Up With Lyfefuel

Lyfefuel believes in Fuel Better, Feel Better, Live Better This is my motto for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle Derived from real whole foods, Lyfefuel takes an integrated approach to wellness that harnesses the natural benefits of plants to help you look, feel, and perform your best. Founded on the pillars of Quality, Efficacy,...
November 5, 2022
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