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Feed A Family For Under $10

Did you know? Our Food System produces enough calories to feed 10 billion, yet, 1.2 billion people still go to sleep hungry! Recently, a dear friend, Plant Based Chef, Chelsea Farrah (@thedancers_pantry), talked to me about Food Security.

Food Security is a process or intent that every individual has access to affordable fresh food while ensuring that it meets their dietary needs at all times, wherever they may be located.

Chelsea Farrah launched Feed for $10.00 to bring awareness to Food Security, in an effort to reach out to the community to help in any way possible to bring fresh affordable food under $10 to the less fortunate.

As a nutritionist, wellness consultant and an avid recipe creator, it was a direct call to me and my services to offer help! As a contributor and advocate, I am creating homemade recipes for $10. In addition, I will donate 1% of every purchase $50 and above in our shop to Feed for $10. You can also find Feed For $10 in our Resource and Partnerships page, along with several other wonderful businesses, causes & entrepreneurs.

Today I am sharing a vegetarian recipe with you that costs just $5 per person. It is versatile and nutritious. Check out this Brown Rice savory pancake + coriander chutney recipe on my Youtube channel.

Spread the word!

Please join this effort to create awareness towards Food Security. Billions of people go to sleep hungry and it is something we can collectively resolve by working smarter together.

If you are not a recipe creator like me, then you can still contribute to this cause by getting on your health journey with me by choosing a service in our shop and 1% of your purchase will be donated to Feed for $10!

Please consider creating awareness by sharing this post in your community and follow the Feed for $10 page on facebook.

xoxo -Nishi

Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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