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Pause & Reconnect to the Life Within

šŸŒ» I hope today has been productiveĀ  for you…

šŸŒ» I hope this week has had a good balance of enjoyable work and rest for you…

šŸŒ» I hope this month has provided you many opportunities to slow down and invest in self care…

I could go on and on, but as we know — with many of us dealing with remote school education and work, alongside this pandemic — it has made us realize that our lives have been changed whether we like it or not and that we have to now navigate on a different path and learn to thrive and find balance in a brand new way.

One thing that I have recently learned in quest of that new way is to ASK for HELP. Today, I am offering you that HELP. If you are wanting to de-stress and find greater balance in your life I recommend scheduling a 1:1 Virtual Healing Session with my mindfulness practitioner and friend, Melissa Sutor, of Dragonfly Center.

Signup for a 30-min Virtual Healing Session with Melissa directly from my website, www.nishib.club/product/stress-consultation

Melissa’s Dragonfly Center provides services thatĀ focus onĀ Self-Care, Empowerment and Positive Transformation for women of all ages. I have personally worked with Melissa on a couple of retreats and thoroughly enjoyed the experience learning from her and her trusted circle of friends, and made amazing new friends along the way.

I have been stressed, and have had to take time off to explicitly slow down and take care of myself in a new and tender loving way. To greater expand on my seeking help, I took time every day for the past few months to join many virtual healing, mindfulness, meditation, awareness, and resilience sessions led by mindfulness practitioners, gurus and experts like Jack Kornfield, the Plum Village Monastics, Dr. Kim Norman, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Melissa Sutor to name a few.

It has greatly helped me to pause and pivot; seeking a greater sense of achievement in what I have been meaning to accomplish, and embracing this new pace and path more comfortably.

I hope you will take time for greater self care and seek the help you need. Stay safe and healed.



About Dragonfly Healing Center: Dragonfly Healing Center, Inc. is a public charity nonprofit organization that improves lives, especially for women and girls through programs that heal, empower and transform.Ā  We provide safe, nurturing environments for people of all walks of life to gain more awareness, heal holistically, and cultivate the well-being of the whole person ~ mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.Ā  With our core value of diversity and inclusion, we build bridges that connect us in our shared humanity while appreciating the beauty of our differences.

Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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