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July Goals – Mindful Eating

A well trained chef in a good restaurant will never be a food presentation miser.
Giving it the attention it deserves shows that you are giving it love and time
Eat well, however enjoy your food with your eyes first before you take the 1st bite.

All of our sensory systems — taste, smell, vision, auditory and touch — are closely interconnected. Eating enjoyment happens when you break from conversation and other distractions to eat. Eating is mindful, and the enjoyment of the sight, aroma, texture, sizzle, and taste of food is the focus.

How is eating mindfully connected to a healthy body weight?

It is the connection between the mind and the mouth that dictates your health and your weight. Your senses, sight-smell-taste-hearing-touch, will dictate how much you eat, and to a great extent, your choices and enjoyment of your food. When your senses are controlled by impulses, spur-of-the-moment unhealthy food choices are made. In order to ensure healthier food choices become aware of how often impulses influence your senses and decision making.

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Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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