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Free Virtual Retreat – Sign Up!

The Moving Into The Light (MITL) retreat is here – virtual this year – taking place October 24-25, 2020, I am humbled to join the list of professional teachers, and I will be teaching Nutrition and Fitness.

I have attended the Moving Into The Light retreats as a participant and as a retreat leader and have always returned back more energized, peaceful and with a whole bunch of new friendships.

FREE Registration is open for the first 30 signups, here!

The Dragonfly Healing Center is a volunteer run charity organization providing  safe, nurturing environments for all people who are ready to gain more awareness, heal holistically, and cultivate the well-being of the whole person.

Hence there is a donation request on the retreat info/registration page underneath each register button.

All participants are encouraged to make a donation. All sessions are open to all participants regardless of their donation amount. More details shared on the Facebook Dragonfly Business page.

I hope you make the choice to take advantage of this wonderful virtual opportunity to treat yourself to a weekend of Self-Care, Empowerment and Positive Transformation.

FREE Registration is open for the first 30 signups, here!

Here what a few of many people who have attended have said about their experiences…

“In this setting, I felt relaxed enough to be myself and to be open.  I saw that other people felt the same way.  I believe that the shared openness and communal commitment to our wellness and opening to love in ourselves and in the world lifted us up so that we could all emerge from the weekend a little closer to the light.”

“I was hesitant and resistant about coming and almost backed out at the last minute.  I am so glad I did not…It was a beautiful and enlightening experience.  Many things were awakened inside of me.  The bonding with the other women was phenomenal.  Love the lighthouse and ocean as our background.”

“Thank you for this awesome retreat.  Thank you for bringing this empowering experience to life!  I feel nurtured.  You are amazing goddesses!” M.P.

“Where to begin?  Magical, empowering, a beautiful celebration of women and their power, gifts, and touching moments.  We are and I am not alone.  I am ready to get out there and am excited to share my journey and journey with these amazing women.” N.B

“The greatest gift you can give yourself is to plug in to a community and create power to solve your issues, those in your home and community.  This kind of retreat is a wonderful beginning to healing yourself.  Thank you!”

“They combine loving-kindness with authenticity and keeping it real.  Plus they attract a great group of women.”

FREE Registration is open for the first 30 signups, here!



Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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