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My protein bar of choice for a 15 mile hike

Rise bars are lasting sources of energy

With only 3 ingredients that are naturally digestible and absorbed by the blood, this protein bar does not cause stomach issues




The foundation of every Rise Bar is a delicious nut butter taste and texture. We love almonds due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and naturally-occurring protein. We also use sunflower seeds and cashews, which are both rich in minerals and amino acids. We prefer to avoid peanuts, which are full of anti-nutrients known as aflatoxins.


Honey has been used as a sweetener and a natural preservative over the last 8,000 years. It has been associated with preventing cancer and heart disease, regulating blood sugar, a probiotic, and used in Ayurvedic medical for 4,000 years. For our plant-based fans, we utilize coconut nectar, which is low on the glycemic index, and rich in natural vitamins and amino acids. We are committed to never using artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, which are associated with gastrointestinal distress.

Protein (Whey and Pea)

The third pillar of our bars is protein, an essential building block for anyone who’s active. Still the gold standard of protein sources, our whey isolate is proudly sourced from Gallo Farms in Northern California. This form of protein is quickly absorbed by the body and has excellent bioavailability. For a vegan-friendly option, we use pea isolate, one of the most complete plant-based protein available, filled with all 9 essential amino acids and is just as effective for muscle recovery as dairy-based proteins.

Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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