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I Spy Oprah Winfrey’s Top Favorite Wellness Tea!

Vahdam Teas! 

Wellness Teas, Superfood Latte mixes & Elixirs

So kicked to share my review of these awesome teas directly sourced from the plantations in India, Oprah’s favorite for two consecutive years.

Every time you purchase a VAHDAM tea, 1% of the revenue goes towards the education of the tea farmers’ children. Use code CHAI10 on checkout for an additional 10% off!!

Did you know?

Vahdam is India’s largest, home-grown, premium Tea and Superfoods brand, bringing India’s finest teas, turmeric & superfoods to millions of consumers across the world. Unlike most food brands, Vahdam is among the few tea brands to be packaged at source, ensuring absolute freshness and complete transparency with respect to the inputs used in our 100% natural products.

Vahdam is also a certified Climate Neutral and Plastic Neutral brand and 1% of their annual revenue is dedicated towards the education of the tea growers’ children through our TeachME Initiative

This can be such an awesome gift over this upcoming festive holiday season for your loved ones, as you gift them this joy of energy, focus and rejuvenation and while doing that you are helping educate the Tea growers’s children!

Soothe your soul with these award winning instant teas, gift your friends and family and enjoy the return gift of making a difference in children’s lives!

Use code CHAI10 upon checkout. Click here

Cheers to Tea!


Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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