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Holiday Highlight: Flaunt that Lace! Tone that belly!

Did you know that your losing belly fat is a combination of burning the belly fat and strengthening the abs muscles!!

In order to burn belly fat, per this article, you need to FOCUS on PROPER NUTRITION.

Pay attention to heightened prolonged stress levels and pay attention to the quality of your sleep. Yes, those two play a major role in belly fat! Surprised? Don’t assume you need high cardio and a strict elimination diet – a good nights sleep consistently and lower stress is important.

In summary, in addition to better sleep and less stress, incorporate the below in your routine and talk to a nutritionist for personalized support…

  1. Eat more soluble fiber
  2. Avoid trans fat
  3. Consume foods high in protein
  4. Reduce added sugar intake
  5. Exercise regularly

Need help figuring this out for you? You get to find out how you can burn your belly fat, in just 40 minutes for $20. Sign up here.

In order to tone the belly, you need to FOCUS on weight training and strength training your Core. This short youtube video gives you 6 simple exercises that you can repeat thrice a week to help you through your journey.

Ready for the holiday season? You can be ready now.



Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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