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Healthy & Simple Snack – Minty Dates

This date snack is quick to put together, very satisfying and aesthetically pleasing


  1. Slice the organic mejdool date and stuff with Laura chenel fig & grapefruit goat cheese
  2. Drizzle red pepper flakes or fruit seasoning (optional)
  3. Top with fresh mint


You can sub goat cheese with cow cheese
You can sub the fruit seasoning with spiced honey
You can add a pistachio or peanut to the topping

Learn more about laurachenel goat cheese logs here

Goat cheese is a source of protein, calcium, and healthy fats. And it may be easier to digest than cow’s milk cheese. Some of the fat in goat cheese comes from capric acid, a beneficial medium-chain fatty acid with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Health benefits of mint

Filled with nutrients
Improved digestive health
Boost your immune system
Better brain function
Support your pregnancy
Reduce cold symptoms
Keep your mouth healthy
Help manage stress

Health benefits of dates

Improve your heart health
Keep blood sugar levels steady
Lower (LDL) cholesterol levels and total cholesterol
Prevent weight gain and obesity
Reduce your risk for colorectal cancer, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease

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Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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