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Easy & low carb meal

Running out of ideas for an easy and low carb, nutrient dense lip smacking meal?

Bread can be optional for a sandwich, when good sourced protein is easily accessible and flavorful, make these alternatives into a favorite meal! Outeraislegourmet sandwich thins are a great alternative to bagels or bread. The other great alternative is sourdough bread. However, when you want more veggies, these cauliflower based thins are the best. The BitchinSauce sauces are made with almonds and nutritional yeast packing up healthy fats and protein.


  • any protein unto 20g grilled (extra firm tofu, lean turkey or chicken patty)
  • salad greens (vitamins and fiber)
  • Nutritional yeast and Almond drizzle by @bitchinsauce (Macros for 1 tbsp 2g p/0.5g c)
  • cauliflower thins by @outeraislegourmet (Macros for 2 thins 10g p/4g c)


  1. Toast the outeraislegourmet cauliflower thins in a toaster oven.
  2. Start with a protein of your choice (I used lean turkey burger)
  3. Top with leftover egg scramble (additional protein, optional)
  4. Drizzle chickpea based chipotle sauce
  5. Add in some mixed salad greens


Enjoy the messy sandwich and feel super satisfied.

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Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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