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Chocolate for the Fitness Fanatics

Clean chocolate that fits your fitness regime

HU kitchen philosophy is replacing weird, industrial ingredients with simple, healthier ones that are the key to thriving, not just surviving. Living a healthy lifestyle constitutes good food, healthy habits, and a sustainable exercise regime. Say YES to chocolate! Start eating good food, as part of your mission to lead a healthy life for you, your kids and your family.

The HU Kitchen brand puts the health, welfare, and happiness of humans above all else in the food they make. Sourcing only simple, clean, and responsible ingredients so that all people can get back to feeling human. They go beyond what’s easy and expected to ensure that their products and practices are ethical and put both humanity and the human body first.

My favorite products with Hu are pretty much the belowGrain free crackers

  1. Grain free cookies
  2. Dark chocolate gems
  3. Chocolate bars – Salty dark, cashew butter raspberry, almond butter quinoa puff

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Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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