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A true California product! Laura Chenel Goat Cheese

I went looking for a local artisan goat cheese brand when I changed my lifestyle to incorporate lactose free products in my kitchen. The story behind Laura Chenel’s products inspired me to try their goat cheese logs at the local grocery store and I immediately fell in love.

Laura Chenel is a cheese maker who was America’s first commercial producer of goat cheese, and helped to popularize goat cheese in America. In 1979, she began producing chèvre in the Bay Area town of Sebastopol, California, after a fact-finding trip to visit goat cheese producers in France.

In 1979, Laura Chenel began crafting her own farmstead goat cheese. Using techniques she learned in France and milk from her own goats, she became synonymous with quality and taste.

I enjoy Laura Chenel goat cheese on toast, on salads, on crackers, in cheese boards and with fruit. The marinated goat cheese makes for delicious pasta sauce or lactose free creamier curries.

Did you know, a serving of goat cheese delivers

  • 6 grams of filling protein along with a powerful combination of calcium, phosphorus and copper — nutrients that are essential for healthy bones
  • provides healthy fats, including medium-chain fatty acids, that can improve satiety and benefit weight loss

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Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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