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A simple nutritious lunch that can be meal-prepped!

Protein Cauliflower Sandwich

A simple nutritious lunch that can be meal-prepped!

Mash the turkey burger or cube it and sautée with veggies. Alternatively, you can use the burger as is, just pan-grill it on a light spray of avocado oil until it is cooked.

Toast 2 cauliflower thins, apply vegan mayonnaise or dijon mustard or a spread of your choice, add your protein, and enjoy a quick delicious lunch that is well balanced – Fiber, healthy fats, and good protein!

@outeraislegourmet thins have 2 servings of vegetables, 7-10g protein, and 1-4g carbs per serving.

@amylufoods charboiled kale turkey burger has 20g protein per serving

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Written by: Nishi Bhonsle

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