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Seasonal – Holiday Twix Pie (customizable)


(4 customer reviews)


Enjoy Nishi’s homemade Twix pie!

If you are a Twix chocolate lover but don’t care about the sugar and fat, get a hold of this seasonal pie, perfect for parties, holidays, and get-togethers. This is gluten-free, vegan and paleo and will surely leave your guests wanting more. The perfect guilt-free pie to bring to the family.

Twix pie ingredients: almond flour, pure maple syrup, sea salt, unsalted peanut butter, dark chocolate

Nishi’s holiday pies are customizable.


Size: 4″ or 9″

Crust: Regular or Gluten-free

Customization: Yes or No

*If you want a customized pie, after purchase we will send an email for customizations*

Additional information


4 in, 9 in


Regular, Gluten-free


Yes, No

4 reviews for Seasonal – Holiday Twix Pie (customizable)

  1. Purbasha Saha

    I ordered a couple of pies from her and they were amazing. The flavors were spot on giving the fact that she works with alternate healthier ingredients.
    The packaging is super cute.
    She was extremely professional and it was a total pleasant experience. I would highly recommend her to others. Keep up this amazing work .

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      So glad to hear that you enjoyed them!

  2. Sudha

    Absolutely loved Nishi’s seasonal pie. The pie was so flavorful and for a change we were able to enjoy a dessert without feeling guilty. It was packed beautifully & delivered at doorstep. What more can one ask? Thanks so much Nishi.

  3. Alok Bhatia

    Nishi’s pies were amazing I had them delivered to five of my favorite friends because I wanted them to taste the wholesomeness of Nishi’s creation! She personally delivered those pies. It’s amazing how delicious they were yet not one iota of bad stuff in it!

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      That is such an amazing thing to do. Thank you so much for spreading the gift of health! Glad you all enjoyed them.

  4. Shivani

    Nishi delivered this amazing seasonal Twixie pie that our party devoured during the Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you so much for this nutritional, tasty and flavorful treat. I have never tasted such a wonderful pie which I ate guilt free. Loved it!

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      So very glad to hear! Happy holidays✨🌺

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