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Pub mix


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Pub mix Trail mix

This delicious cajun spiced pub mix/trail mix is packed with 3 nuts, dried fruit, and crunchy fava beans. The flavor and nutrient profile of fava beans is unbeatable. No added salt or sugar. Lightly sweetened with organic grade A maple. Use it for snacking and even entertaining your guests. Pack it in your kid’s snack pack. They will thank you for not serving them chips!

Ingredients: Pecans, almonds,  unsalted whole organic cashews, crunchy sea salt fava beans, dried whole cranberries, dried organic mango, curry powder, salt, pure organic maple syrup.

To serve: Store in a cool dry container. Lasts fresh for up to 3 months.


 Class A Registration #PR0073944

Issued in : Contra Costa County

Pub mix

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5oz pub mix, 8oz pub mix

12 reviews for Pub mix

  1. Robyn Mosely

    I absolutely love Nishi’s products. Very delicious and made with care! In fact I love them so much that I have the products shipped to my home in Ohio! My monthly box arrives quickly, fresh, and soooo good!

  2. NS (verified owner)

    The pub mix was so delicious and flavorful. It was a perfect blend of sweet and savory. I could not stop eating it and kept wanting more.

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      So happy to hear that you are enjoying it so much!

  3. Shilpa Sullia

    Trail mix is just too good..very nutritious, full of flavors and so crunchy..

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      So glad you enjoy it so much!

  4. Subodhini (verified owner)

    Every bite of this pub mix is flavorful, has perfect crunch, very little sugar. When I open the pantry, this pub mix is something I look forward to instead of other junk food. So, glad to come across this mix.

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      I am so glad to hear. Come back for more! 🙂

  5. Ameer

    Needed something that would give me energy without the sugar crash and this was perfect so tasty.

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      Awesome. Come back for more!

  6. Neha

    Nishi’s trail mix is the bomb! Delicious!

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      Yay!! So happy you like it so much!
      Come back for more 🙂

  7. Saba

    Great mix of nuts and spices ! Really enjoyed the unexpected flavors. I also love that it was very low on sodium.

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      So glad that you enjoyed the turmeric flavor. It serves as an anti inflammatory in this case and has several other benefits too. Yes we do not add salt to our products such that you taste it like most chips and trailmix. Just a light sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt to preserve the texture of the product.

  8. Kavya

    A great and nutritious snack! Loved the flavor with the spices

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      So glad you are enjoying it! Yay. Come back for more 🙂

  9. Pramod

    Great balance of taste, healthy nutrition and convenience! Guiltless pleasure 🙂

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      So happy to hear this feedback. Thank you very much Pramod. Come back for more guiltless pleasure:-)

  10. Dave

    This is not a fake or bot review. I truly tried this trail mix and it’s really high quality and healthy snack choice. It doesn’t compromise taste and very affordable.

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      Very happy to hear your feedback, Dave. Come back for more 🙂

  11. Hemant Gandhi

    Healthy and addictive 😀. Can’t stop
    till I finish the bag, and you don’t need to be in the Pub. 😝

    Would love to know the Nutritional values if possible.

    If mix customization made possible during ordering process, that would be amazing.

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      Well said! Yes, we have added customization to this product. Check it out and customize it per your liking. Serving: 1/4 cup Calories: 110kcal Carbohydrates: 10g Protein: 9g Fat: 6g Fiber: 6g Sugar: 3g

  12. Shailendra Dingankar

    Great selection of mix with just the right amount of seasoning. Great for those mid meal cravings and on the go.

    • Nishi Bhonsle

      Absolutely, a healthy snack for those mid afternoon cravings. I always keep 1 bag handy in my car. 🙂

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